Secret House - Modern House Plans

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Secret House
Architect: AGI Architects
Location: Shuwaikh, Kuwait
Photography: Nelson Garrido

Aware of the potential of a site overlooking the skyline of Kuwait, the owners of this home, a young couple with children, wanted a house oriented inward at street level and gradually opening out to produce broad views of the skyline on the upper levels. As a result, the house has various degrees of privacy.

The distances between houses in harsh, desert-like climates are shorter than most. This is done to create narrow shaded spaces, which work as passive temperature regulators.

Plan your outdoor seating arrangements the way you would a living room. A good set-up will make it easy to use the space in the event of parties or family gatherings—even impromptu ones.

Roller shades are an alternative to curtains. They use a minimal amount of fabric, and are available in varying levels of opacity.

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