Futuristic and Modern Design Axioma Apartment by Geometrix Design

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Futuristic design department, employment of geometric forms and works with the lighting in interior decoration

Beautiful design department that uses geometric shapes and the combination of colors as black and white to give as a result a futuristic Department, also are going to other ways of using artificial lighting applied to walls (with backlights), false ceilings and in the construction details.

Futuristic apartment decoration

Futuristic apartment room design
In the foreground we see the game room be Department, to fund the design of the kitchen - dining room is separated by a glass
The Apartment has a total built area of 130 m², each room looks bright and gives the feeling of spaciousness with color and works with the lighting, but have been used bright materials the shelving and furniture of kitchen floors are wood with natural texture which gives it a nice effect to this futuristic apartment.

Design of futuristic Apartment
Prevalence of white color in the room with wood accents glossy black colour, is observed a minimalism in the equipment, such as table and furniture
Design of kitchen and futuristic hood
Highlights in the kitchen the design of the hood hood that seems to levitate thanks to the backlights
Dining room modern kitchen design
The brightness of the white kitchen furniture give this space elegance
Design futuristic dining by cuisine
The kitchen and the dining room are divided from the rest of rooms of the Department through a wall of glass
Futuristic bedroom design
Design of dormitory style futuristic work of artificial lighting in ceilings and walls apart from the natural light
coming from the windows
Passages of modern departments
Design of the passage with rack for ornaments
Design of modern bathroom in black and white

Futuristic bathroom design
Design of futuristic bathroom in black and white

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