Niz House - Home Design Plans

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Niz House
Architect: Agraz Arquitectos
Location: Zapopan, Mexico
Photography: Mito Covarrubias

Home Design Ideas - Faced with the challenge of creating a house on a sloping trapezoidal lot, the architects designed a house with a very narrow front and a wide back fa├žade. One of the sidewalls is angled to align with the staircase, and the effect breaks the orthogonal layout of the house. Because of the pronounced slope of the plot, only minor excavation was needed to bury the garage and utility rooms.

The juxtaposition of the orthogonal grid and the stair built against the angled wall generates void spaces that connect floors and enrich the spatial relationships of the rooms.

Make a staircase that stands out by creating a guardrail that also serves as a decorative screen. Lighting will highlight its sculptural quality.

The unusual geometry of the staircase contrasts with that of the rest of the house. Landings, niches, and walls fill in the transitional spaces between the two geometries.

These bathrooms are light-filled spaces. During the daytime, the creamy white walls and the white marble countertops reflect natural light. At night, recessed lighting and wall sconces keep the rooms well lit.

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