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Rooms in the home

A good distribution with absence of corridors, sliding doors that release meters and a decoration based on light colors are some of the keys to its success.

A simple

Coffee table is a lightweight model of wrought iron and glass, Hanbel. The white curtains are El Corte Ingl├ęs. The lamp of three arms, of Habitat.

A corner sofa

These models are super practical in small spaces because they offer one square more than seats. This Habitat, was placed on a Moroccan carpet. Pads, Gancedo, and the crude blanket, Zara Home.

Extendible dining

The table has two wings that increased its capacity and stackable chairs. Everything was purchased in Habitat.

Small bookcase in a corner

Strategically located between the living area and the dining room, it serves as a dividing element between two spaces. On it, an original composition of paintings and frames. Everything was bought in an antiques shop in France.

The kitchen opens to the living room

Only separates them a bar that is perfect for quick meals or breakfast. A practical solution that expands the space to prolong it visually. The furniture is from Ikea; the lining of the bar, Leroy Merlin.


The bed without a headboard wall, plastered with a model of Leroy Merlin. A simple table, antique, and a mirror, Hanbel, give rise to a flirtatious toilet and work area.


In the holes on the sides of the entrance to the bathroom door were installed two cabinets, Ikea, with curtains instead of doors.

A two color bath

Except the shower area, the walls lined with tiles up to half height, tiles Banshee. Storage, at Leroy Merlin. Baskets and shelving; IKEA. To win a space where to let boats, brushes and other utensils a shelf was set at the bottom edge of the mirror, purchased at Ikea.

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