House in Tavira - Home Design Ideas Plans

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Architect: Vitor Vilhena arquitectura
Location: Conceição, Portugal
Photography: João Morgado

This project consists of two structures carefully inserted within the construction limits, respecting the genius loci of the site. The unique geometries of these structures respond to the different functions that each of them accommodates. Nonetheless they are all part of a whole. The physical connections between them are established by means of interstitial spaces.

Architecture and landscape complement each other. With fewer elements to distract, the relationship between the building and the site where it stands is stronger.

Before choosing your windows, learn about energy efficient architectural tools like U-values, Low-E glass, and weather stripping, especially if you are planning on using large expanses of glass.

A hardscape of marble chips can complement a simple geometric building. Plants and well-defined green areas are also perfectly suitable additions.

Unobstructed sight lines give an interior space a sense of continuity and produce a very pleasant Zen-like impression.

The appeal of a strikingly geometric exterior can be extended to the design of interior spaces by means of built-in furniture, which adapts to the shapes of the building.

The design of the vanity echoes the planar geometry of the bathroom and mimics the color palette based on white, gray, and beige tones.

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