Retro Style House Design

The aesthetics of the 1950s, combined with current furniture, is the essence of this apartment in Madrid, where he will have unified spaces to gain breadth.

A refrigerator mark

the style of a House might sound weird, but in the case of this flat, situated in the Centre of Madrid, was. Its owner, a young woman who undertook the adventure of living alone, had a very clear part on the head: a pink Smeg refrigerator retro air. This was decisive for study Disak, in charge of the project, using it as a thread of all the decoration and gamble by a vintage. But in addition, changes in the distribution were made in order to adapt it to your needs.

With the reform, carried out by c. Montero brothers C.B., was unify the spaces. The kitchen was integrated in the living room, although they are delimited with different finishes: in the first got a floor in checkerboard black and white, and in the living room, an oak laminate. To differentiate the dining room, located in the middle of both, the wall was covered with an elegant black wallpaper.

Changes in style

Also the bathrooms were transformations. To give them a more feminine appearance, a beautiful hydraulic soil and a horizontal tile on the wall was installed. In addition, the taps and basins were chosen with soft and rounded lines. And all this was completed with flirty accessories. Precisely in the main bathroom became a direct access to the bedroom - separated by a door slide - to gain comfort. This, in turn, is connected with a dressing room, set up in an adjoining room, which is fitted out for such use. So got a little chic suite. The charm of the space is boosted with style pieces 50's, a striking bedding and a suggestive message on the wall of the headboard.

3 ideas that work

1:. Light parts. The chairs with metal legs and round tables with one foot, as those who have been used in the living room, recharge less.

2:. Flown items. Countertops with towel bath or toilet with concealed cistern help to free up the space.

3:. Patterned felines. They are pure trend and help boost the environment. Ideal for mini apartments that flee from minimalism and seek a transgressive twist.

Colorful welcome

A console gives it lacquered in Fuchsia, decorated with flowers - the white vase is from Zara Home-. On the wall, a wall of black metal. Carpets and basket, Zara Home.

A look at the past

It is offering lounge with parts vintage like the butterfly Chair, Tulip, Knoll dining table or chairs Eames Plastic type. Sofa Folk and nightstands knot, both of Sancal. Green pads of linen, Dolz collection.

the black paper highlights the dining room wall. Of Gancedo.

A focus of the film illuminates this corner in an original way.

Detail of the dining room, illuminated by a chandelier of glass, A Loja do Gato Preto. Framed art prints, of Coco de Paris. At the table, vases, Zara Home.

Integrated kitchen

It is attached to the living room, but it is anchored with a checkerboard of Discesur soil.

Homage to the 1950s

A pink refrigerator, Smeg, and a few aged leather vintage stools mark style in the kitchen. Furniture, white melamine with wood and laminate countertop, are Moretti. The fronts are lined with tiles white beveled, Discesur.

The countertop is prolonged in a fast food bar.
Two ceiling lamps give light to the dining area.

Wild dreams

A duvet cover with Leopard print, from Zara Home stands out in the bedroom. Ash Grey oak table, model Igor, Signature, and carpet of knots in crude, Macarena Saiz.

Flowers in a vase of Zara Home, give a feeling of freshness.

A mesas-nido of brass

Mirror, Thai nature, they serve as support to the lamp, Zara Home

Clothing in order

The dressing, made to measure in white DM, communicates with the main room. The soil is a laminate oak finish, from Quick-Step.

Long live the romantic spirit!

The toilet is pure coquetry. He chose a free sink, model bowl of rock, which is encastró in a countertop of wood made to measure and is crowned with a Baroque-style mirror. Tap mod. Hera, of mist, and toilet roll holder and towel racks, Ferreteria Ortiz.

The pink bat gives a very feminine air bath.

Pop style bathroom

With a zone similar to the one of the toilet basin, stands out for its striking hydraulic soil, mod. Variette, Discesur. Toilet Ja33, of Gala, and shower faucet two handles, mod. Hera, in mist.

The incoming of the wall has been used to place a few slices.

The fronts have tiled half tiled, Discesur.

A peculiar distribution

Just enter, is the bathroom, which adjoins the master bedroom and a walk-in wardrobe. Down a hallway is accessed to the guest room and a small bathroom. And finally the living/dining room and kitchen, which are linked are located.

How much costs

- Black, Gancedo wallpaper : Price/roll:. €50
- Kitchen furniture white melamine, Moretti, including appliances (plate, refrigerator, oven, microwave and hood): Price:. €11,000
- Walk-in closet in white wash DM, made to measure by a cabinetmaker: Price:. €2.200
- The main bathroom hydraulic pavement, mod. Variette, from Discesur: Price/m2:. €60
- Countertop basin, 42 cm in diameter, model bowl of rock: Price:. €168

Futuristic and Modern Design Axioma Apartment by Geometrix Design

Futuristic design department, employment of geometric forms and works with the lighting in interior decoration

Beautiful design department that uses geometric shapes and the combination of colors as black and white to give as a result a futuristic Department, also are going to other ways of using artificial lighting applied to walls (with backlights), false ceilings and in the construction details.

Futuristic apartment decoration

Futuristic apartment room design
In the foreground we see the game room be Department, to fund the design of the kitchen - dining room is separated by a glass
The Apartment has a total built area of 130 m², each room looks bright and gives the feeling of spaciousness with color and works with the lighting, but have been used bright materials the shelving and furniture of kitchen floors are wood with natural texture which gives it a nice effect to this futuristic apartment.

Design of futuristic Apartment
Prevalence of white color in the room with wood accents glossy black colour, is observed a minimalism in the equipment, such as table and furniture
Design of kitchen and futuristic hood
Highlights in the kitchen the design of the hood hood that seems to levitate thanks to the backlights
Dining room modern kitchen design
The brightness of the white kitchen furniture give this space elegance
Design futuristic dining by cuisine
The kitchen and the dining room are divided from the rest of rooms of the Department through a wall of glass
Futuristic bedroom design
Design of dormitory style futuristic work of artificial lighting in ceilings and walls apart from the natural light
coming from the windows
Passages of modern departments
Design of the passage with rack for ornaments
Design of modern bathroom in black and white

Futuristic bathroom design
Design of futuristic bathroom in black and white

Rooms Home Design Ideas

Rooms in the home

A good distribution with absence of corridors, sliding doors that release meters and a decoration based on light colors are some of the keys to its success.

A simple

Coffee table is a lightweight model of wrought iron and glass, Hanbel. The white curtains are El Corte Inglés. The lamp of three arms, of Habitat.

A corner sofa

These models are super practical in small spaces because they offer one square more than seats. This Habitat, was placed on a Moroccan carpet. Pads, Gancedo, and the crude blanket, Zara Home.

Extendible dining

The table has two wings that increased its capacity and stackable chairs. Everything was purchased in Habitat.

Small bookcase in a corner

Strategically located between the living area and the dining room, it serves as a dividing element between two spaces. On it, an original composition of paintings and frames. Everything was bought in an antiques shop in France.

The kitchen opens to the living room

Only separates them a bar that is perfect for quick meals or breakfast. A practical solution that expands the space to prolong it visually. The furniture is from Ikea; the lining of the bar, Leroy Merlin.


The bed without a headboard wall, plastered with a model of Leroy Merlin. A simple table, antique, and a mirror, Hanbel, give rise to a flirtatious toilet and work area.


In the holes on the sides of the entrance to the bathroom door were installed two cabinets, Ikea, with curtains instead of doors.

A two color bath

Except the shower area, the walls lined with tiles up to half height, tiles Banshee. Storage, at Leroy Merlin. Baskets and shelving; IKEA. To win a space where to let boats, brushes and other utensils a shelf was set at the bottom edge of the mirror, purchased at Ikea.

Container House Design, Building with Shipping Containers

We are going to learn how to build a beautiful house with a typical materials such as the containers recycled, we look at different models of facades and distributions of environments at levels to complement ideas, at the one end of the creative projects that explore your creativity.

1. Modern house built two wrappers and with central ventilation and lighting

House made with recycled containers
View of the main face (Benjamin Garcia Saxe)
They have been used two containers separated by a central space whose ceiling has been raised to provide more natural light and ventilation, exterior walls look of wood with original iron frames and edges, the housing has been raised about 0.50 inches above the ground piles.

Container House interior design
Interior design of the House lights lit, has extensive Visual abroad
Container House plans chart
Graphics distribution and sunlight

2. Small and modern two bedroom house with walls and roofs of recycled containers

Design of facade of house built with container
Outside looks modern finished with natural texture of the container (Andrade Morettin Arquitetos / photos: Nelson Kon)
Small house built with container flat
The social area is located to the Centre and on the sides two spacious bedrooms, all have direct access to the outdoor terrace
See more of this project from: modern design house built with container.

3. Design of small two-bedroom house with a façade with blocks in three colors

House built with container modern construction
Modern facade which has been achieved harmony with rectangular blocks that cover the House, painted in three shades of color (Novadeko)
Container House small plane
3D drawing of the small house

4. Two story home built with multiple blocks of containers

Design of House made with containers
Predominantly red exterior combines the walls and doors of container and concrete blocks (via: Designboom)
House built with container flat
Map of the first floor of the House
Drawings of house built with container 002
The second level plan

5. An original variable to the model N ° 1, the walls have it slips it and makes original
House made recycled container
The main façade shows has been hasps and original colors of containers even the capacities of each one of them marks (design: Julio García)
Recycled container House interior design
The interior is bright where walls and white ceilings contribute to the brightness
Known more this interesting project from: Original house built two wrappers.

6. Construction of mansions using several containers

Large house with containers
Interesting combination of primary colors, the facade is mainly applied in the risky flown (Via: Inthralld)
House made with various recycled containers
36 containers have been used to achieve a comfortable residence that combines metal, wood and a dose of art (design: Todd Miller of ZieglerBuild)
Known to this project from detail: House built with 36 recycled containers.

House of several stories with cotenedores
From a shaft rotate several modules, this generates large terraces in each level (via: Wabisabi)
Modern house built with recycled containers
Two rectangular modules placed transversely look a modern exterior finish (Via: Homedsgn)

7. A practical form of protection of the housing using the walls of the containers

Some people would like his container House construction to place it on a patio or a rural area for use on weekends, in this case we see an interesting alternative to protect it by using the same materials that each container has been manufactured, can also serve as protection against the natural agents such as snow or storms.

Container small house design with protection 001
Doors and windows are protected with cut panels of the same container (Via: Busyboo)

8 Levels with different solutions of distribution in a container

They are 10 planes with different solutions of distribution environments, surely some of them attach to your neceidades. Plans from 1 to 6 with side entry of 7 to 10 with front entry.

Drawings of House made of container 001
Levels 1 and 2 (Via: Tinyhouseliving)
Drawings of House made of container 002
Flat 3 and 4
Drawings of House made of container 003
Flat 5 and 6

Drawings of House made of container 004
Flat 7 and 8
House made of container 005 plans
Flat 9 and 10

9 Planes of House with several apartments and garage (overlapping modules)

Multi-story homes built with container drawings
Three types of distribution of environments using containers (models A, B and C) (Via: Pinterest)

10. Innovative building with containers

Discover how some designers are using multifunctional containers, we are sure that they espolearan your creativity.

Construction with container - restaurant
Artistic work on the exterior of the container (architects: Aedifica / photos: Cesar Nicolescu)
Once the walls rise and spread the floors is discovered a functional and beautiful restaurant to step and also mobile.
Container restaurant