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    The design of a house or a residential building also includes the open spaces in the open air and the relationship of architecture with the environment.

    Outside Home Design - From outside you can see the shape, design and appearance. Facades, gardens and patios, complete residential architecture. The exteriors of the buildings made of framework to the architectural work.

    Therefore, that are so highly valued facades, exterior doors, windows and trim, gardens, fences, driveways, access paths and thus.

    On the outside of the House, there are elements that are functional, decorative and aesthetic, and differentiation or style. It is not only in the front yard, it is a question of architectural designs conceived especially for the outdoors, that complement the House and even develop a theme that best defines your architecture.

    Residential house seen from the front
    Previous sector outside of a residential house
    Here listed entries of this blog of architecture of houses, offer relevant information about designs and aspects of exterior of houses and residential buildings. Using the links in the menu below you can skip on the page without having to download using the scroll bar, thus saving time to get to the topic of greatest interest.

    This is a guiding classification provided by the query according to different aspects and approaches as a menu.

    As new entries are added to the blog are immediately classified, and which correspond to external can be found here. Return to review developments.

    Garden decoration
    Garden and outdoor decoration
    Balconies, verandas, balconies corridos window balcony and terrace balconies.
    Small balcony functional and decorated
    Small balcony functional
    Exterior decoration, elements that define the aesthetics and style on the outside of the housing.
    Fire outdoor fireplace
    Modern bonfire in the garden

    Equipment for use outside the home, functional facilities and outdoor furniture.
    Roundabout outdoor furniture and wooden gazebo
    Clorieta with curtains as a gazebo with outdoor furniture
    Garden, lawn, plants, flowers and trees surrounding the House.
    Cactus and garden design
    Cactus and exquisite garden design
    Patio, designs, installations, integration with the garden.
    Picturesque patio next to a flower garden
    Beautiful and picturesque courtyard with garden slabs
    Floors, sidewalks, paths and roads and flats outside the House.
    Disk of concrete garden path
    Garden path
    Terraces, equipment, buildings at the top of housing in walkable surfaces and terrace balconies.
    Modern terrace equipped with furniture
    A contemporary terrace with outdoor equipment
    In the few words of this short article you have access to simple but effective ideas to achieve a greater appreciation of their property, also better resale value.

    Be sure to make your home look attractive from the sidewalk.
    Either that you are preparing your home for sale, or simply want to make it look good, it is very important that you remember from abroad, especially the patio or front garden and input. Here some brief tips that will help you improve the appearance of your property are provided.

    Note his dwelling from the sidewalk.

    This will give you an idea of how people see and judge the appearance of your home. Take the time to review and criticize the appearance of the front of the structure. Looks fresh and inviting? Is the entrance clean and tidy? These are the details that can make a big difference in trying to lead a good first impression.

    Decorate the front of your House.

    Design experts recommend using a color that complements the tones present in the outside. Also avoid placing pots next to the front door, and tables and chairs in the front yard.

    Improve lighting and the numbering.

    Last, but not least, don't forget the outside light, and identification numbers, they look better with dark tones on a background course, also be sure to have sufficient lighting as to comfortably read the address from the street.

    I hope that these tips help you look the best presentation of your property and thus provoke an excellent first impression.
    Flowers in front of a stone house in Britain France
    Abundant flowers in flowerpots of wood on each side of the entrancea
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    Amazing Suburb Residence Connecting the Indoor and Outdoor Space

    Original reform to the funds of a typical house Australian on the outskirts of the city.

    Amazing Suburb Residence Connecting the Indoor and Outdoor Space - A House on the outskirts of the 1930s House suburb in Australia was restored on the one hand and remodeled with a redesign on the other, to the rear.

    Leaving the front and much of the structure which can be seen in this set of photos in original condition, planes will help you better understand this alteration.

    The new design shows a radically different aspect and also adds sustainable features the architectural.

    Inside, the property retains its style properties in the previous half and looks contemporary, with an air of post-modern style.

    Of the building of the original house out for another reformed half-owned Street
    The study of architecture has other projects of this type where it is modified or added a structure which converses with the pre-existing.

    Extremo rediseñado de una casa australiana de los años 30
    A remodeled 1930s Australian House wallpapers
    The new high facade at night
    Closed facade house illuminated inside
    The garage inside and step back home
    The roof seen from the center of the garage facing up
    Lounge on the first floor within the aggregate volume
    Column d fireplace living room and workspace with table long type room
    In the large window above
    Living room and balcony within inclined sheath opening
    Cocina comedor de una residencia reformada y rediseñada en Australia
    Kitchen and dining room open to the housing funds
    An angle of the renovated kitchen
    From the front of the property There are original and just warns the reform of the rear half, little has changed and the House regained its typical characteristics. The driveway does not think that there is a post-modern version, radically different concept on the other side.

    Facade of the original house seen from the street
    The original house bedroom
    The planes are of great help to easily understand this Fund reform and restoration of the front of the original House. The shape of the volume added back fits to the side of the original roof sloping triangular surface.

    Appeal of the facade of the Fund
    Appeal of the House on the right hand side
    Appeal of the facade of the front of the original House
    Appeal from the other side left reform
    A sagittal cut of the House and the rear addition
    Floor plan level from street to street
    High floor for added volume and pyramidal roof of the garage plan
    Four concepts oriented to the design of this project, they can be listed as well
    • Inland room
    • the room towards the garden
    • the room towards the horizon
    • the room to the sky
    It means that there should be four spaces to recreate those concepts, thus occurs in this renovated House, garage connects with Heaven through the upper window, the horizon from the rear addition, the garden from the broad environment where you will find the kitchen and finally with the interior in the connection between the new and the preexisting.

    Work of the Iredale Pedersen Hook site web Studio the name of the projects 4 Room House there is a page on the website with more pictures.

    By Hector H. Zorrilla
    • Here are posted an entry where you can appreciate the surprising transformation of another Australian House, a bungalow suburb with modern extension of aspect really very original, follow this link.
    • See a suburb of wooden houses covered with sheets of corrugated metal program respecting the tradition.
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    Architectural Design Residential Home Design Ideas

    The style definition identifies a work of architecture, speaks of its decoration, and even of the intent and purpose to conceive it.

    Architectural Design Residential Home Design Ideas - The characteristics of the styles of homes are in architectural plant designs, interior architecture, and above all on the outside of houses with decorative aspects.

    In the list of entries, below, you can find the content published on this blog of architecture by exposing different architectural styles.

    The information here is enriched to add content by the most recent entries. Learn to identify styles of architecture is a subject that fascinates some people, including myself.

    Large mansion neo-classical style in Texas, United States - 1927

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    With the help of this list on the architectural styles of houses you can review the published entries with examples here.

    Classic: this architectural style has been developed through time and long ago, booting designs of Greeks and ancient architecture, giving rise to the "Western architecture". The classic style is timeless and summarizes successful styles of great identity.
    Photo of the House Thomas Jefferson's Monticello, Charlottesville, Virginia, United States
    Thomas Jefferson Monticello House photo courtesy of TripAdvisor
    Colonial: in Spanish-speaking countries is understood as Spanish Colonial style. There are two variants concentrated in South America and North America. Noted for the elaborate the Spanish Colonial Mexico, Central America and the Pacific South American coast. There are also Colonial style in United States and Canada primarily from English and French.
    Residential house of Spanish Colonial style in the city of Buenos Aires
    Urban House set in Spanish Colonial style in Buenos Aires
    Neoclassical: in the 19th century it reached great popularity neoclassicism and Academism in public buildings and residences.
    Mansion of neoclassical architectural - White House - United States
    Casa Blanca North facade, neoclassical
    Art Nouveau: is also identified as Art Nouveau, for example in Spain. It started at the end of the 19th century. It is related to the 2nd. Industrial Revolution and the break with the classic.
    House style Art Nouveau in Brussels, B {technique - Maison Cauchie 1905}
    Detail of facade of House Art Nouveau in Brussels - Maison Cauchie 1905
    Art Deco: style of the 1920s who achieved recognition until the 1940s, and today is restored by the recognition to its aesthetic value. It is an architectural expression for modernism.
    Mansion style Art Decó in Holmby Hills, Los Angeles, California
    Art Deco in United States - style mansion
    Rationalism: style back to 1st. World war resulting in the modern style.
    Residential house style rationalist in Madrid, Spain
    Residence of rationalism in Madrid
    Modern: style architectural starts up at the end of the twenties of the 20th century, also known as rationalist style or style international, existing despite the evolution of other styles. In the design of houses, modern architecture changed substantially the appearance and the way to deriving in style.
    Modern House in Finland - Villa Mairea 1937- 1939
    Modern House - Villa Mairea, Noormarkkv, Finland, 1937 - 1939
    Contemporary: it is the most current of modern design, evolution of the modern style.
    House style contemporary in Spain
    House of contemporary style in the metropolitan area of Barcelona
    Postmodern: revaluation of aspects of previous styles as a response to the modern, the term style can be written as postmodern or postmodern.
    Residence style postmodern in United States 1971
    Residence style postmodern in United States - Alexander House 1971
    Minimalist: dominates the structure of a functional design, there is no ornamentation, the House is made with the essentials, without decorations.
    Residential house style minimalist in Surrey, United Kingdom
    Casa Minimalista in Surrey, United Kingdom
    Picturesque: it is a style created in the 19th century in Europe that is characterised by the assessment of traditional and vernacular architecture.
    Chalet picturesqueness in Río Ceballos, Córdoba, Argentina
    Family residential villa of the picturesque
    Avant-garde: examples of architectural advances, avant-garde expressions.
    Abode of architecture in Mexico
    House Arango design and avant-garde style
    Deconstructivism: fragmentation and dislocation of architectural structures.
    House Gehry in Santa Mónica, California, night view
    House Gehry in Santa Monica
    Traditional styles: based on the cultures of peoples, express traditions with architectural design, materials, finishes and decoration.
    Area of a house style Santa Fe in United States
    A section of a house style Santa Fe in United States
    House-chalet: style derived from the design of the "Swiss cottages" which achieved success, becoming a classic.
    House Villa in Switzerland
    A true Swiss chalet with mountain frame
    Back soon to check more entries sorted by styles of architecture.

    There is an entry specially dedicated to the cottages classified by styles that can be accessed via this link.

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    Kitchen Remodeling and Renovated Wisely

    Kitchen Remodeling and Renovated Wisely - We show you two different environments with good ideas to take advantage of the space to the fullest and in two styles. Choose!

    With peninsula that borders two areas

    ◗ a peninsula Center organizes space separates two areas, work and mini-dining-room and increases the ability to store to contain spacious drawers. And it also includes the cooking plate.
    ◗ The white of the furniture expands and gives brightness. The countertop Mont Blanc of Silestone, also chosen in that tone, extends to protect some parts of the wall. In others, a vinyl paper gives a modern touch.
    ◗ To lighten furniture combine layered white and showcases with sliding glass doors. Ovens, a removable steward, the fridge and freezer are a great mueble-columna.

    Kitchens Renovated - kithchen decorating - kitchen remodeling

    Everything to hand.

    A steward with removable trays in the interior of the peninsula, next to the plate, allows about spices and seasonings when cooking.

    Kitchens Renovated - kithchen decorating - kitchen remodeling

    Cooking zone.

    This was installed in the peninsula. A powerful campaign, Pando, installed in the ceiling extract fumes.

    Kitchens Renovated - kithchen decorating - kitchen remodeling

    With a rustic

    ◗ Made custom furniture work, this kitchen bets for a rustic style with a retro feel. The furniture has been painted green with white lacquered wooden doors. Stained pine floors and ceiling beams accentuate the style.
    ◗ The distribution l-shaped leaves the area of cooking on the short wall and the waters in the long wing. Wall retro type faucet frees up space on the countertop.
    ◗ The countertop combines wood and white tiles, the same walls; a mix that reminds the kitchens of the past century.

    Kitchens Renovated - kithchen decorating - kitchen remodeling

    Open shelving.

    For no reload, the walls were left free lockers. Only a shelving without doors or rear, glazed settled in white, ideal for storing dishes, spices, glassware...

    Kitchens Renovated - kithchen decorating - kitchen remodeling

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