Futuristic and Modern Design Axioma Apartment by Geometrix Design

Futuristic design department, employment of geometric forms and works with the lighting in interior decoration

Beautiful design department that uses geometric shapes and the combination of colors as black and white to give as a result a futuristic Department, also are going to other ways of using artificial lighting applied to walls (with backlights), false ceilings and in the construction details.

Futuristic apartment decoration

Futuristic apartment room design
In the foreground we see the game room be Department, to fund the design of the kitchen - dining room is separated by a glass
The Apartment has a total built area of 130 m², each room looks bright and gives the feeling of spaciousness with color and works with the lighting, but have been used bright materials the shelving and furniture of kitchen floors are wood with natural texture which gives it a nice effect to this futuristic apartment.

Design of futuristic Apartment
Prevalence of white color in the room with wood accents glossy black colour, is observed a minimalism in the equipment, such as table and furniture
Design of kitchen and futuristic hood
Highlights in the kitchen the design of the hood hood that seems to levitate thanks to the backlights
Dining room modern kitchen design
The brightness of the white kitchen furniture give this space elegance
Design futuristic dining by cuisine
The kitchen and the dining room are divided from the rest of rooms of the Department through a wall of glass
Futuristic bedroom design
Design of dormitory style futuristic work of artificial lighting in ceilings and walls apart from the natural light
coming from the windows
Passages of modern departments
Design of the passage with rack for ornaments
Design of modern bathroom in black and white

Futuristic bathroom design
Design of futuristic bathroom in black and white

Rooms Home Design Ideas

Rooms in the home

A good distribution with absence of corridors, sliding doors that release meters and a decoration based on light colors are some of the keys to its success.

A simple

Coffee table is a lightweight model of wrought iron and glass, Hanbel. The white curtains are El Corte Inglés. The lamp of three arms, of Habitat.

A corner sofa

These models are super practical in small spaces because they offer one square more than seats. This Habitat, was placed on a Moroccan carpet. Pads, Gancedo, and the crude blanket, Zara Home.

Extendible dining

The table has two wings that increased its capacity and stackable chairs. Everything was purchased in Habitat.

Small bookcase in a corner

Strategically located between the living area and the dining room, it serves as a dividing element between two spaces. On it, an original composition of paintings and frames. Everything was bought in an antiques shop in France.

The kitchen opens to the living room

Only separates them a bar that is perfect for quick meals or breakfast. A practical solution that expands the space to prolong it visually. The furniture is from Ikea; the lining of the bar, Leroy Merlin.


The bed without a headboard wall, plastered with a model of Leroy Merlin. A simple table, antique, and a mirror, Hanbel, give rise to a flirtatious toilet and work area.


In the holes on the sides of the entrance to the bathroom door were installed two cabinets, Ikea, with curtains instead of doors.

A two color bath

Except the shower area, the walls lined with tiles up to half height, tiles Banshee. Storage, at Leroy Merlin. Baskets and shelving; IKEA. To win a space where to let boats, brushes and other utensils a shelf was set at the bottom edge of the mirror, purchased at Ikea.

Container House Design, Building with Shipping Containers

We are going to learn how to build a beautiful house with a typical materials such as the containers recycled, we look at different models of facades and distributions of environments at levels to complement ideas, at the one end of the creative projects that explore your creativity.

1. Modern house built two wrappers and with central ventilation and lighting

House made with recycled containers
View of the main face (Benjamin Garcia Saxe)
They have been used two containers separated by a central space whose ceiling has been raised to provide more natural light and ventilation, exterior walls look of wood with original iron frames and edges, the housing has been raised about 0.50 inches above the ground piles.

Container House interior design
Interior design of the House lights lit, has extensive Visual abroad
Container House plans chart
Graphics distribution and sunlight

2. Small and modern two bedroom house with walls and roofs of recycled containers

Design of facade of house built with container
Outside looks modern finished with natural texture of the container (Andrade Morettin Arquitetos / photos: Nelson Kon)
Small house built with container flat
The social area is located to the Centre and on the sides two spacious bedrooms, all have direct access to the outdoor terrace
See more of this project from: modern design house built with container.

3. Design of small two-bedroom house with a façade with blocks in three colors

House built with container modern construction
Modern facade which has been achieved harmony with rectangular blocks that cover the House, painted in three shades of color (Novadeko)
Container House small plane
3D drawing of the small house

4. Two story home built with multiple blocks of containers

Design of House made with containers
Predominantly red exterior combines the walls and doors of container and concrete blocks (via: Designboom)
House built with container flat
Map of the first floor of the House
Drawings of house built with container 002
The second level plan

5. An original variable to the model N ° 1, the walls have it slips it and makes original
House made recycled container
The main façade shows has been hasps and original colors of containers even the capacities of each one of them marks (design: Julio García)
Recycled container House interior design
The interior is bright where walls and white ceilings contribute to the brightness
Known more this interesting project from: Original house built two wrappers.

6. Construction of mansions using several containers

Large house with containers
Interesting combination of primary colors, the facade is mainly applied in the risky flown (Via: Inthralld)
House made with various recycled containers
36 containers have been used to achieve a comfortable residence that combines metal, wood and a dose of art (design: Todd Miller of ZieglerBuild)
Known to this project from detail: House built with 36 recycled containers.

House of several stories with cotenedores
From a shaft rotate several modules, this generates large terraces in each level (via: Wabisabi)
Modern house built with recycled containers
Two rectangular modules placed transversely look a modern exterior finish (Via: Homedsgn)

7. A practical form of protection of the housing using the walls of the containers

Some people would like his container House construction to place it on a patio or a rural area for use on weekends, in this case we see an interesting alternative to protect it by using the same materials that each container has been manufactured, can also serve as protection against the natural agents such as snow or storms.

Container small house design with protection 001
Doors and windows are protected with cut panels of the same container (Via: Busyboo)

8 Levels with different solutions of distribution in a container

They are 10 planes with different solutions of distribution environments, surely some of them attach to your neceidades. Plans from 1 to 6 with side entry of 7 to 10 with front entry.

Drawings of House made of container 001
Levels 1 and 2 (Via: Tinyhouseliving)
Drawings of House made of container 002
Flat 3 and 4
Drawings of House made of container 003
Flat 5 and 6

Drawings of House made of container 004
Flat 7 and 8
House made of container 005 plans
Flat 9 and 10

9 Planes of House with several apartments and garage (overlapping modules)

Multi-story homes built with container drawings
Three types of distribution of environments using containers (models A, B and C) (Via: Pinterest)

10. Innovative building with containers

Discover how some designers are using multifunctional containers, we are sure that they espolearan your creativity.

Construction with container - restaurant
Artistic work on the exterior of the container (architects: Aedifica / photos: Cesar Nicolescu)
Once the walls rise and spread the floors is discovered a functional and beautiful restaurant to step and also mobile.
Container restaurant

10 Best Apps to Make 2D and 3D Home Design Software Free Download

10 Best Apps to Make 2D and 3D Home Design Software Free Download.
Applications to make homes in 2D and 3D drawings.

To design the plans of our House we need tools that allow us to see the distribution of environments and then view it in 3D, now know the best applications for this purpose, you have two reasons to start using them, the first is that they are free and the second is that they are easy to use, they were enough for a couple of hours to make a family home designLet's start.
10 best apps to make housing plans.

1. Floorplanner

With Floorplanner we have made plans in builds home and one in the form of a tutorial to make the House plans, using Floorplanner you can create environments of your new home with just drag and drop the elements in the drawing and then view them in 3D automatically, you can equip it with furniture designed pre, it is very easy to learn to use this application online will take a couple of hours generating a small plane.

2. Sweet Home 3D

It is a program free to install it on your computer, with the you can create your plans in 2D and can display it at the same time in 3D, you can easily create the plans for your home since the program is very intuitive, hundreds of users also use this application to interior design, but perfectly meets function to create spaces with tools like wallfurniture, windows, doors, floors and ceilings pre designed.

3. Planner 5D

If you like to make your plans look good from plant design or horizontal view, then this online application is for you, only you must create spaces of your home as the room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms and then measure them from either side of the room, then choose to equip it to your liking with furniture that brings in your library.

We can compare to 5 d Planner with Floorplanner or Autodesk HomeStyler that work in a similar fashion even have identical user interfaces.

4. Autodesk Home Styler

This program works online, you can create all the rooms in your House, or to remodel some space, it is best that you also have equipment to see how they will be leaving the changes, is easy to use.
This application belongs to the popular developer of software for design of engineering and architecture such as Autocad and Revit, Autodesk.

5. Sketchup

We use much Sketchup to make lifts or elevations and cuts in 3D, it is ideal to see the completed House with all the details before you start construction, and best of all is that we will only use a few tools as the push to create the space in three dimensions, but, you can also start to design your plans in 2D by adding the Dibac plugin to this program with which you will have the complete plans of your homealmost as playing.

6. MyDeco3D

Not only it is necessary to make the plans of the House, one of the point more important is the design of interiors, MyDeco 3D has more than 120,000 furniture real design 3D, so you can give the final touch to your home in the plans and see how to stay rather than go to the store to buy the equipment you need.

7. Roomle

Do you like speed?, Roomle is a program light online that allows you to make the planes as if you were drawing with a pencil and paper, it's easy to also add some design elements such as doors and windows.

8. PlacePad

Placepad is very helpful when you want to make a sketch of your idea, without entering complicated designs of all lasa rooms, use this application when you need to organize the spaces of your home (zoning) to then start with self-build.

9. Amikasa

This online application uses Flash to create the spaces of the House, the truth is that if you are looking for fun designing the plans this application will probably like, adding that you have a good repository of indoor equipment.
Currently Amikasa still in testing (beta) version, so you can find some errors, but far reach use it worked fine.

10. Autodesk 123D

All previous applications will help us make the plans of distribution and high 3D automatically, now if you have a creative and innovative genius style Einstein or have an idea of your House you want to materialize in 3D, you can start to see it with the simple free tool from Autodesk 123D and develops that genius you're insideYou can also take hand Blender or SketchUp.

Choose the application that best suits your purposes to do levels of your House, as you know in built home we try to give you the necessary tools for self-responsible for construction.

5 Best Apps 3d Home Design Software Free Download

Built home we have seen the best applications to design flat free online, now we will give a look to specific programs to design in 3D but prospects for houses and buildings design-oriented, in this way you can have an image in three dimensions of the remodelling of the interiors of your home or even your new architectural project.

Autodesk 123D Design

Through woratek we learn this tool for generating 3D graphics easily, with this software you will be able to insert the walls of the House to the work area making few clicks of mouse the best is that it contains a series of elements both primary as cubes, spheres, cones, among others to to generate a 3D as playing.


SketchUp this for your version 8, this is a great software that allows you to make 3D like playing with his tool "Push, pull," you'll have to "drag" one side of a square to form the image of your home, if you want to shape the future façade of your home with SketchUp to achieve it instantly, but you can even do drawings in 2D and then start the model in three dimensions the inclusion of photos or images of planes will also help you generate a perspective of loa House of your dreams.

Sweet Home 3D

With this special program for interior design in 3D you can see how they will be the changes that you make in your kitchen, room or bedroom since it allows you to place different furniture on a 2D plane, give color and texture to the walls and finally give you a preview of your design 3D.


This is a fairly comprehensive tool for 3D graphics, it would be ideal for organic architecture but that Yes it takes time to learn how to use it, so if you plan to create graphics in three dimensions as a job then you can take this good alternative.

3DVIA Shape

This is a good application that you materialices your ideas in 3D for beginners, once you get got to translate your ideas you can share online; its simple and practical tools you will intuitively generate the graphs you want.

With these free programs only have to keep looking forward to your next project to design your House in 3D, with a little patience you will get.

Modern Room Designs and Colors

Passionate about this color? This duplex is a good example of their decorative qualities. With the spaces are elegant, spacious and bright.

The living area

All in white with some shades of grey that break the monotony is decorated. Lamps with the wooden floor and the carpet of grey wool provides warmth. All of Pedro Peña. The combination of curtains and curtains allow graduate light and have more or less privacy according to the needs.

Different materials

In the dining room live parts of unified various materials with white finishes. The wooden table; the chairs, upholstered with the metal structure. Dresser, lacquer and wood.

The kitchen

The furniture was white with large steel handles. The stainless steel appliances. The walls were tempered glass. An easytoclean material and that it provides a very modern air.

The bedroom

Without diminishing prominence to white, subtle details were introduced in color that encourage and brighten up the atmosphere. As the picture that is used to replace the headboard or pads. On the wall next to the bed, a niche was practiced with shelves for books and ornaments.

Bedroom with mini dressing room

To create a greater feeling of spaciousness, the dressing area was left open to the bedroom. A large mirror hanging between
cabinets increases that feeling and clarity power. The front of the Cabinet is laco in the same tone of the walls, thus fits better.


To enhance the bathroom light, the window dressed with a light porthole which, moreover, is not impaired when using the tub.