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Suntro House
Architect: Jorge Hernández de la Garza
Location: Oaxtepec, Mexico
Photography: Paul Czitrom

Suntro House
has an asymmetrical and undulating skin enveloping an open-plan layout. It is a building where the exterior generates the interior, rather than the, more common, other way around. A generous amount of glass filters natural light during the day and emits a bright glow at night, producing a stark contrast of light and dark shadows.

Suntro House Home Design

Suntro House Map Home Design

Suntro House Home Design

Light and shadow emphasizes form and texture. As the Danish architect Steen Eiler Rasmussen said, “Light is of decisive importance in experiencing architecture.”

The design of the house ensures an indoor-outdoor connection. Its orientation encourages cooling air to flow across the space, and the large glassed-in surfaces allow visual interaction with its natural surroundings.

Do not saturate a room with colors and patterns if you want to achieve a soothing minimalist atmosphere. Instead let the materials sing for themselves.

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