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Architect: Pitsou Kedem Architecture
Location: Kfar Shmaryahu, Israel
Photography: Amit Geron

From the outside, it isn’t clear that this structure of great modularity is a house. The planar design of the front facade creates an asymmetrical composition that highlights the sides of the building, revealing its volume. The facade regularly changes thanks to a system of shutters that pivot. At certain angles, it offers views that cross the interior of the building all the way to its back end.

When the shutters are fully open and the interior is exposed, the exquisitely simple but intricate detailing of the construction is revealed.

Blinds, shutters, and other changeable architectural elements that define the perimeter of a space can create a dynamic relationship between the interior and the exterior.

Spaces characterized by a restrained use of materials often rely on light to create a sense of movement and provide character.

Precast concrete is a versatile material with a plasticity that adds visual interest and depth to walls. It has the capacity to utilize various finishes and colors, and be produced in any shape.

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