308 Mulberry Home Design Ideas

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308 Mulberry
Architect: Robert M. Gurney Architect
Location: Lewes, DE, USA
Photography: Maxwell MacKenzie Architectural Photographer

The starting point for this project was a two-story house built in the early nineteenth century. The spatial needs for the redesign necessitated remodeling the existing balloon-frame house and building four additional structures. The result more than doubled the area of the original house. Its historic base, however, remains prominent.

The additions were conceived of as one-story pavilions arranged around a new swimming pool and a large deodor cedar, which is located at the rear of the property.

Large expanses of glass set in black steel frames are a good contrasting feature against a historic, shingle-clad, and highly detailed construction.

High ceilings, including cathedral ceilings, can cause voices to echo. Wood paneling can dampen sounds in a room with high ceilings and hard surfaces such as glass and stone.

In juxtaposition with the primarily white interiors of the existing house, the new living pavilion features mahogany walls and ceilings and basalt flooring. A white marble fireplace complements it all.

Open riser staircases give a stylish and minimalist look to a home. A tempered glass guardrail satisfies safety requirements while maintaining an airy feel.

Consider using glass partitions instead of walls, especially in small spaces, to ease the flow of sunlight into a room.

An existing structure can meld with new generously proportioned, light-filled spaces, proving that the old can comfortably co-exist with a contemporary style.

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