Smooth Building - Modern Home Design Ideas

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Architect: Jorge Hernández de la Garza
Location: Nuevo León, Mexico
Photography: Paul Czitrom

The design of this house was dictated by a request from the client that the structure accommodate both work and living uses. The architect faced a challenge in organizing the mix-use program: to provide privacy, while at the same time opening the building to the views of the majestic Sierra Madre mountain range. The design effort resulted in a homogeneous and transparent construction with sculptural qualities.

The office, which occupies the first two floors of the building, features glass partitions and rays of recessed lighting.

Emphasize singular architectural pieces at night through transparent elements and lighting.

The two uppermost floors are reserved for domestic uses. The living room is a double-height space that opens onto a terrace with views of the mountain range on the horizon.

Durable and resistant, high-gloss laminate is a good choice for a sleek kitchen. Cabinet push-latches can replace handles to add to a modern design.

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