Black on White - Studio House Design

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Black on White - Studio House
Architect: fabi architekten bda
Location: Regensburg, Germany
Photography: Herbert Stolz

This house consists of two buildings. One is black with a saddle roof, and the other is a white box. The first cantilevers and is rotated in a way that complements the second. Located on a hillside, the composition intrudes minimally into the natural landscape. The totality of the house is progressively revealed as one descends the gravel slope.

Fully glazed walls in the direction of the wooded valley open the house on both floors. The upper floor, containing the kitchen and living area, has sliding doors that open onto a roof terrace.

Matching flooring and furniture materials creates a unifying effect, very suitable for a minimalist interior.

An open, floating stair is stylish and sleek. However, the absence of guardrail and the seemingly levitating steps are not suitable for everyone.

En suite bathrooms maximize the space of communal areas. Toilets need to be enclosed in a way that satisfies their specific plumbing and ventilation requirements.

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