10 Decorating Ideas for Mini Living Rooms

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10 Decorating Ideas for Mini Living Rooms - If you have a small living room and want to modernize it, see these examples. To optimize its meters and follow the latest trends.

Put a corner sofa and wins more seats

It's a successful solution to monetize a space normally little used as a corner. To be the last one, which is modular and that incorporate chaise-longue. And if there is not enough space for it, a straight and simple lines-free armchair can be the ideal complement.

Decorated boxes are very useful to keep small items out of sight.

Roof sloping in gradient?

As not they can ignore, turning them into a decorative element more lining them with wood slats; blank you will get away them visually.

It combines various materials

Indeed, glass, metal and methacrylate are the essentials to get a modern atmosphere. In addition, they are perfect in mini spaces by its lightness. Add details on paper - hanging lamps are trend-, and textiles in colors (carpets, cushions...) and success is guaranteed.

Japanese panels sieve light and having no creases won't weigh you down.

Leave open spaces, loft-style

Eliminates gaps that are not strictly necessary and separate rooms with screens, screens, sliding doors... will create a greater sense of space. Here the bedroom became independent salon with a septum to half-height that does not interrupt the visual depth and a blind to gain privacy.

Put a corner sofa and wins more seats

In the window, a roll-up blind will allow you to attach sofa, a shelf...

If the tv is flat, you do not need a specific piece of furniture, just a low shelf.

The sinuous shapes of shelves, without back and some sides, make them seem much lighter.

Finished in chocolate brown

They are, above all, in the upholstery of chairs, skin or synthetic leather and the finish of the coffee table and dining room. To give you clarity, combined with toasted textiles and touches in vibrant shades: pistachio, strawberry...

Placing a mirror opposite the window and multiplicarás the sense of light.
Play with textiles
◗ prints are losing force in favor of smooth fabrics, especially in raw and white tones.
◗ Only remain in details such as cushions and carpets; There are many flowers and stripes and geometric shapes such as circles, squares Outstand...
◗ big curtains give way to simpler curtains without pleats, hence the success of blinds and panels.

White: never pass of fashion

Especially if you combine it with furniture of wood or natural fibers, which provide you that warm and friendly touch that only he does. Here he opted for a sofa in fibers with chaise-longue and upholstered cushions, all in white, a rug to match a beautiful edging of leather and two occasional tables lined up in straight lines and simple. Complete the area, a rattan chair.

Put two twin tables

Instead of one; you will gain much more versatile and functional spaces because they can relocate and adapt more easily. Play with them and have fun!

Multifunction furniture

A classic that deepens as the ideal solution in mini spaces or if you need versatility. This being furnished with a sofa bed and 2 mini-baules (for bed linen...)

He returns with force rustic

Shutters, wooden lintels and structures of work like this in the corner instead of sofas. Add a fiber rug and a waxed table and you will feel in your grandmother's House. To update it, place a colorful tapestry.

Straight and simple lines are imposed

The arms of sofas and chairs leaving curves; Chairs have no artifice in its structure, but it is reduced to a minimum... Furniture intended to occupy the minimum space in visual and physical, so the living room seems larger.

And coatings?

◗ Laminates, vinyl and ceramic that mimic wood
or marble triumph when it comes to cover the soil for its price
and functionality.
◗ Return wallpapers. But is not paper across the room but only a wall, or even part of it, as giving shape to a picture.
◗ pottery comes out of the kitchen and bathrooms and is also installed in the halls. The more in: the geometric motifs.
◗ do not want reforms or cost? Used vinyl records, your walls will appear to others!

Leave open spaces, loft-style

A shelf and several shelves: the more in to replace the heavy and traditional wall.

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