10 Design Ideas to Take Advantage of The Bedroom Interior Design

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10 Design Ideas to Take Advantage of The Bedroom Interior Design - Here is a collection of bedrooms with built-in wardrobes and spectacular designs, with a selection of fabrics ranging from printed cotton, even tapestries Turks.
Enjoy the images!

- Headboard with built-in bedside tables -

To decorate this room, was chosen the vanilla color that enhances the natural light and gives serenity and the strawberry in cushions and accessories that give a lively touch. A set of header with integrated lacquered tables in vanilla, in tune with the walls, saves space and gives harmony. It is VTV, 900 € aprox., as well as the Bank of bamboo, 200 € aprox., by way of useful his shoes. Next to the window, a chest of drawers and shelves complete the furnishings.

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- Wall to separate dressing room -

In this bedroom, renovated Inner XXI, the seating area of the dressing area with a wall of work, painted white, the same color of coated fabric headboard and the fronts of the cabinets has become independent.
◗ Two practical gaps at the ends of the wall play the role of bedside tables and serve the lamps support, allowing you to save space. They were in the wall sconces.
◗ glass block light. So natural light reaches the bathroom, part of the septum to the isolated from the room was covered with tiles of glass block.

- Headboard area decorated with stripes in silver -
To gain space in this room, it chose to decorate the wall of the bed, an original idea that replaces the headboard and gives personality.
◗ With strips of vinyl. In the area of the headboard stuck strips of adhesive vinyl in a silver color across the entire wall. These stripes give dynamism and harmonize with the grey colour of the walls, with some cushions metallic textures and the brightness of the light blue silk curtains.
◗ smooth shades to lighten. Linen, curtains and cushions were chosen with smooth fabrics, giving prominence to the wall. Warm oranges and terracotta mitigate the coldness of the silvers.

In this small room, with a window in the wall of the headboard, there was no space for tables or shelves; the solution was to create an integrated unit of plasterboard.
◗ With shelf and niche, furniture, in addition to camouflage a pillar, serves as a bedside table.
◗ Paper and paint. Front lined Japanese paper, Borgo Antico, and was painted in a color chocolate, Valentine, in the interior and the side of the holes.

- Color in Leather Headboard -
In this bedroom, decorated in white and raw, it has committed to introduce color upholstery and fabrics.
◗ Of striking color tile and on skin, the headboard is the main protagonist of the room. Canterano, it combines perfectly with pads in Orange, canvas los Gazules.
◗ Promote the light. The white shades of paint on the walls, the quilt, canvas los Gazules, the AMF Deccom blinds and upholstery of the sidewalk at foot of bed, stand out and visually expand the space.

- Work area -
In this bedroom, dressing area took advantage to install a desktop.
Pair white ◗ give lightness. Game with the furniture of the room, desk is located at the center of the dressing area, with a library as and cabinets. The library was installed in hollow wall between the pillar and the cabinets.

- A desk in the corner -
Here we used a corner to create a work area practice.
◗ a corner of pine, Ikea, leverages the corner,
It has a desk and shelves with space to store.
◗ Open or closed. Furniture has doors for cerrrarlo when it is not used. On the wall of the headboard was a socket of paper that mimics raffia, €19.95, of Leroy Merlin stores.

This room has been decorated in soft beige and creams, which create a serene and luminous environment.
◗ To increase the sensation of height and space, a role of vertical stripes, of Maison Decor, was chosen to frame the headboard area. With the idea of highlighting striped pattern, the rest of the walls were painted in a smooth cream tone.
◗ Headboard upholstered in leather ivory capitone, the globe furniture. The bedside table and lamp white are canvas de los Gazules. In this case, put the color note pads of silk, on sale at Zara Home.

- With integrated shower cabin -
In this bedroom, located in an attic, a booth's work in the same space of the rest area, has been incorporated in order to make better use of the meters.
◗ low walls and screens of glass isolated without pissing off and allow the inside of the shower, equipped with hydromassage column, to receive natural light of Velux Windows. These have opened up in the attic roof, just above the seating area. For this environment has been chosen a laminate effect flooring dark wood, very warm, however in the bathing area, the floor is ceramic, as well as the lining of the walls.
◗ a decorative picture over the headboard gives character to the bedroom, which is equipped with bed, headboard and bedside tables in Cherry, Masmadera.

- With the integrated bathroom -
Good solutions abound in this attic room:
◗ furniture multifunction "L" made of work made from table next to the bed, and washbasin Cabinet, since in
Silestone, €1,100, countertop encastrĂ³ sink. It carries oak doors and sides covered stoneware, by Acana cabinets, €1,200. On the bed, opened Velux Windows in the roof.
◗ a slide from Crystal, Profiltek, not shortens the space, gives way to the light and isolates the bathroom, clad in porcelain stoneware.
◗ White gives amplitude, that is why it is chosen for the walls, the bed and the quilt.


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