Eriso House and Home Plans

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Eriso House
Architect: Agraz Arquitectos
Location: Fraccionamiento Los Jales, Mexico
Photography: Mito Covarrubias

Surrounded by gardens on three sides, this house stands on an elevated site above the street and turns its fourth wall to an adjacent property. It utilizes two floors above an underground garage, and embraces a harmonious array of volumes. During its design, the outdoor and indoor areas received an equal amount of attention, so the designers could make sure that architecture and landscape complemented each other.

Minimal outdoor lighting enhances architectural features, and can be used to personalize a home.

The most-used rooms in this house are on the ground floor. The upper floor is reserved for a studio with an adjacent sitting area, and a guestroom. These spaces have views of the surrounding gardens.

Door handles, screens, fences, shutters, and railings are everyday, functional objects, but can still be given an artistic design.

In minimalist design, wall and ceiling planes have positive forms. This means that space flows around them, instead of them being contained.

With the addition of seating, a kitchen island offers more than just a preparation surface.

In the hallway near the kids’ rooms, privacy is provided by an anodized aluminum screen created by artist Adri├ín Guerrero.

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