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Reykjavik House
Architect: Jakub Majewski, Łukasz Pastuszka/Moomoo Architects
Location: Reykjavik, Iceland
Photography: Moomoo Architects

This smart white house blends with Reykjavik’s snowy landscape. Making the most of views and its isolated location, the house has two fully glazed walls and a deck. Two large skylights over the living area add an architectural element and brighten the room even further.

Take advantage of sliding glass doors, which allow for almost uninterrupted panoramic views. With a minimal amount of visible support, they can handle high wind loads.

Floor-to-ceiling sliding windows allow the house to be opened up during the warm months of the year, blurring the boundaries between interior and exterior.

The garage, living area, master bedroom, and children’s bedrooms have independent access to the exterior. This is achieved by concentrating utility spaces at the center of the house, instead of around it.

The size of a skylight determines the lighting level and the temperature of the room below. In choosing one, consider which type of skylight would best contribute to your home’s energy efficiency.

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