Home Design Plans Modern Residence with a Bright Character in Singapore

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Home Design Plans Modern Residence with a Bright Character in Singapore - ONG & ONG Pte Ltd. He completed the design and development of House 65BTP, a private residence with a bright contemporary character in Singapore. The project is surrounded by a large garden that converges in a colossal tree before the war in such magnificence that its presence is rooted within the architecture itself of the House itself. Throughout this House, there are numerous encounters with nature without leaving much inside. An artistic atmosphere is subtly released in key areas, from the white sculpture in the garden and continuing with a painting and statue in the living room.

A wooden deck framing the pool, creating a fascinating area outdoors for the rest: "taking advantage of outstanding typography of the site, the basement was designed in such a way that it opens in a lower section of the garden, with what feels almost like being on a ground level. Interestingly, the skylights also provide a clear spectacular view of the tree, even from here "." As you can see in the plans of the House at the end of the post, the residence has two floors plus a basement, a spiral staircase sculpture that provides the connection between the different areas of life.

Vertical progression is a private residence designed by Hyla architects.
It was completed in 2011, and is located in Singapore.
Images by: private residence Vertical progression in Singapore Derek Swalwell

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