Container House Design, Building with Shipping Containers

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We are going to learn how to build a beautiful house with a typical materials such as the containers recycled, we look at different models of facades and distributions of environments at levels to complement ideas, at the one end of the creative projects that explore your creativity.

1. Modern house built two wrappers and with central ventilation and lighting

House made with recycled containers
View of the main face (Benjamin Garcia Saxe)
They have been used two containers separated by a central space whose ceiling has been raised to provide more natural light and ventilation, exterior walls look of wood with original iron frames and edges, the housing has been raised about 0.50 inches above the ground piles.

Container House interior design
Interior design of the House lights lit, has extensive Visual abroad
Container House plans chart
Graphics distribution and sunlight

2. Small and modern two bedroom house with walls and roofs of recycled containers

Design of facade of house built with container
Outside looks modern finished with natural texture of the container (Andrade Morettin Arquitetos / photos: Nelson Kon)
Small house built with container flat
The social area is located to the Centre and on the sides two spacious bedrooms, all have direct access to the outdoor terrace
See more of this project from: modern design house built with container.

3. Design of small two-bedroom house with a façade with blocks in three colors

House built with container modern construction
Modern facade which has been achieved harmony with rectangular blocks that cover the House, painted in three shades of color (Novadeko)
Container House small plane
3D drawing of the small house

4. Two story home built with multiple blocks of containers

Design of House made with containers
Predominantly red exterior combines the walls and doors of container and concrete blocks (via: Designboom)
House built with container flat
Map of the first floor of the House
Drawings of house built with container 002
The second level plan

5. An original variable to the model N ° 1, the walls have it slips it and makes original
House made recycled container
The main façade shows has been hasps and original colors of containers even the capacities of each one of them marks (design: Julio García)
Recycled container House interior design
The interior is bright where walls and white ceilings contribute to the brightness
Known more this interesting project from: Original house built two wrappers.

6. Construction of mansions using several containers

Large house with containers
Interesting combination of primary colors, the facade is mainly applied in the risky flown (Via: Inthralld)
House made with various recycled containers
36 containers have been used to achieve a comfortable residence that combines metal, wood and a dose of art (design: Todd Miller of ZieglerBuild)
Known to this project from detail: House built with 36 recycled containers.

House of several stories with cotenedores
From a shaft rotate several modules, this generates large terraces in each level (via: Wabisabi)
Modern house built with recycled containers
Two rectangular modules placed transversely look a modern exterior finish (Via: Homedsgn)

7. A practical form of protection of the housing using the walls of the containers

Some people would like his container House construction to place it on a patio or a rural area for use on weekends, in this case we see an interesting alternative to protect it by using the same materials that each container has been manufactured, can also serve as protection against the natural agents such as snow or storms.

Container small house design with protection 001
Doors and windows are protected with cut panels of the same container (Via: Busyboo)

8 Levels with different solutions of distribution in a container

They are 10 planes with different solutions of distribution environments, surely some of them attach to your neceidades. Plans from 1 to 6 with side entry of 7 to 10 with front entry.

Drawings of House made of container 001
Levels 1 and 2 (Via: Tinyhouseliving)
Drawings of House made of container 002
Flat 3 and 4
Drawings of House made of container 003
Flat 5 and 6

Drawings of House made of container 004
Flat 7 and 8
House made of container 005 plans
Flat 9 and 10

9 Planes of House with several apartments and garage (overlapping modules)

Multi-story homes built with container drawings
Three types of distribution of environments using containers (models A, B and C) (Via: Pinterest)

10. Innovative building with containers

Discover how some designers are using multifunctional containers, we are sure that they espolearan your creativity.

Construction with container - restaurant
Artistic work on the exterior of the container (architects: Aedifica / photos: Cesar Nicolescu)
Once the walls rise and spread the floors is discovered a functional and beautiful restaurant to step and also mobile.
Container restaurant

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