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Home in Valencia
Architect: Carmen Baselga_Taller de proyectos
Location: Valencia, Spain
Photography: Héctor Rubio

This project consisted of the extensive remodeling of an apartment for a mother and daughter who work together. The apartment, which accommodates residential and professional functions, includes a large office-library. Having the living quarters at one end and the work space at the opposite end, allows a separation between personal life and work life for the residents.

When lining walls with bookcases, keep in mind that that they need to be secured to the walls to prevent them from tipping over.

Glass-paneled doors will let light filter through. For example, they can light up a hallway and pour into what would otherwise be dimly lit bathrooms. Use frosted glass to maintain privacy.

Translucent resin can be formed into any shape. Examples of interior decorating materials that could benefit from resin are colored plastic, sea shells, small flowers, and pebbles.

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