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The design of a house or a residential building also includes the open spaces in the open air and the relationship of architecture with the environment.

Outside Home Design - From outside you can see the shape, design and appearance. Facades, gardens and patios, complete residential architecture. The exteriors of the buildings made of framework to the architectural work.

Therefore, that are so highly valued facades, exterior doors, windows and trim, gardens, fences, driveways, access paths and thus.

On the outside of the House, there are elements that are functional, decorative and aesthetic, and differentiation or style. It is not only in the front yard, it is a question of architectural designs conceived especially for the outdoors, that complement the House and even develop a theme that best defines your architecture.

Residential house seen from the front
Previous sector outside of a residential house
Here listed entries of this blog of architecture of houses, offer relevant information about designs and aspects of exterior of houses and residential buildings. Using the links in the menu below you can skip on the page without having to download using the scroll bar, thus saving time to get to the topic of greatest interest.

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Garden decoration
Garden and outdoor decoration
Balconies, verandas, balconies corridos window balcony and terrace balconies.
Small balcony functional and decorated
Small balcony functional
Exterior decoration, elements that define the aesthetics and style on the outside of the housing.
Fire outdoor fireplace
Modern bonfire in the garden

Equipment for use outside the home, functional facilities and outdoor furniture.
Roundabout outdoor furniture and wooden gazebo
Clorieta with curtains as a gazebo with outdoor furniture
Garden, lawn, plants, flowers and trees surrounding the House.
Cactus and garden design
Cactus and exquisite garden design
Patio, designs, installations, integration with the garden.
Picturesque patio next to a flower garden
Beautiful and picturesque courtyard with garden slabs
Floors, sidewalks, paths and roads and flats outside the House.
Disk of concrete garden path
Garden path
Terraces, equipment, buildings at the top of housing in walkable surfaces and terrace balconies.
Modern terrace equipped with furniture
A contemporary terrace with outdoor equipment
In the few words of this short article you have access to simple but effective ideas to achieve a greater appreciation of their property, also better resale value.

Be sure to make your home look attractive from the sidewalk.
Either that you are preparing your home for sale, or simply want to make it look good, it is very important that you remember from abroad, especially the patio or front garden and input. Here some brief tips that will help you improve the appearance of your property are provided.

Note his dwelling from the sidewalk.

This will give you an idea of how people see and judge the appearance of your home. Take the time to review and criticize the appearance of the front of the structure. Looks fresh and inviting? Is the entrance clean and tidy? These are the details that can make a big difference in trying to lead a good first impression.

Decorate the front of your House.

Design experts recommend using a color that complements the tones present in the outside. Also avoid placing pots next to the front door, and tables and chairs in the front yard.

Improve lighting and the numbering.

Last, but not least, don't forget the outside light, and identification numbers, they look better with dark tones on a background course, also be sure to have sufficient lighting as to comfortably read the address from the street.

I hope that these tips help you look the best presentation of your property and thus provoke an excellent first impression.
Flowers in front of a stone house in Britain France
Abundant flowers in flowerpots of wood on each side of the entrancea
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