Kitchen Remodeling in Brisbane by Sublime Architectural Interiors

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Before/after: Kitchen remodeling in Brisbane by Sublime Interior architecture

Sublime Architectural Interiors has ended this remodeled kitchen of high range in the North of the suburbs of Brisbane Queensland, Australia.

Designed for a family of four, this new range is the first stage of a contemporary house replica queenslander, a remodeling project.

To visit customers it was very clear that they needed more space in the table, more storage capacity and better flow in your current kitchen provided. It was a typical "U" shaped kitchen, and a space with a small area of meals. Not one inch of Bank could be seen.

With customers who wanted to embark on the complete renovation and modernization of their House, they had decided to deal with the kitchen first. As in most households, the kitchen is the center of the House and this family, which is undoubtedly that is the kitchen. They start their day together watching Sunrise, breakfast and plan your day. Throughout the day MOM looking on line at the latest recipes or food orders with the regrouping of the family around the kitchen to see the news of the night during the dinner.

The second stage of their planned renovations includes the adjoining patio enclosure into the dining room of the family, so this gave license to the fusion of cuisine and service existing in a space that would offer a new space that was free of obstacles, creating a flow and balance in your daily life.

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