Amazing Suburb Residence Connecting the Indoor and Outdoor Space

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Original reform to the funds of a typical house Australian on the outskirts of the city.

Amazing Suburb Residence Connecting the Indoor and Outdoor Space - A House on the outskirts of the 1930s House suburb in Australia was restored on the one hand and remodeled with a redesign on the other, to the rear.

Leaving the front and much of the structure which can be seen in this set of photos in original condition, planes will help you better understand this alteration.

The new design shows a radically different aspect and also adds sustainable features the architectural.

Inside, the property retains its style properties in the previous half and looks contemporary, with an air of post-modern style.

Of the building of the original house out for another reformed half-owned Street
The study of architecture has other projects of this type where it is modified or added a structure which converses with the pre-existing.

Extremo rediseñado de una casa australiana de los años 30
A remodeled 1930s Australian House wallpapers
The new high facade at night
Closed facade house illuminated inside
The garage inside and step back home
The roof seen from the center of the garage facing up
Lounge on the first floor within the aggregate volume
Column d fireplace living room and workspace with table long type room
In the large window above
Living room and balcony within inclined sheath opening
Cocina comedor de una residencia reformada y rediseñada en Australia
Kitchen and dining room open to the housing funds
An angle of the renovated kitchen
From the front of the property There are original and just warns the reform of the rear half, little has changed and the House regained its typical characteristics. The driveway does not think that there is a post-modern version, radically different concept on the other side.

Facade of the original house seen from the street
The original house bedroom
The planes are of great help to easily understand this Fund reform and restoration of the front of the original House. The shape of the volume added back fits to the side of the original roof sloping triangular surface.

Appeal of the facade of the Fund
Appeal of the House on the right hand side
Appeal of the facade of the front of the original House
Appeal from the other side left reform
A sagittal cut of the House and the rear addition
Floor plan level from street to street
High floor for added volume and pyramidal roof of the garage plan
Four concepts oriented to the design of this project, they can be listed as well
  • Inland room
  • the room towards the garden
  • the room towards the horizon
  • the room to the sky
It means that there should be four spaces to recreate those concepts, thus occurs in this renovated House, garage connects with Heaven through the upper window, the horizon from the rear addition, the garden from the broad environment where you will find the kitchen and finally with the interior in the connection between the new and the preexisting.

Work of the Iredale Pedersen Hook site web Studio the name of the projects 4 Room House there is a page on the website with more pictures.

By Hector H. Zorrilla
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