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The style definition identifies a work of architecture, speaks of its decoration, and even of the intent and purpose to conceive it.

Architectural Design Residential Home Design Ideas - The characteristics of the styles of homes are in architectural plant designs, interior architecture, and above all on the outside of houses with decorative aspects.

In the list of entries, below, you can find the content published on this blog of architecture by exposing different architectural styles.

The information here is enriched to add content by the most recent entries. Learn to identify styles of architecture is a subject that fascinates some people, including myself.

Large mansion neo-classical style in Texas, United States - 1927

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With the help of this list on the architectural styles of houses you can review the published entries with examples here.

Classic: this architectural style has been developed through time and long ago, booting designs of Greeks and ancient architecture, giving rise to the "Western architecture". The classic style is timeless and summarizes successful styles of great identity.
Photo of the House Thomas Jefferson's Monticello, Charlottesville, Virginia, United States
Thomas Jefferson Monticello House photo courtesy of TripAdvisor
Colonial: in Spanish-speaking countries is understood as Spanish Colonial style. There are two variants concentrated in South America and North America. Noted for the elaborate the Spanish Colonial Mexico, Central America and the Pacific South American coast. There are also Colonial style in United States and Canada primarily from English and French.
Residential house of Spanish Colonial style in the city of Buenos Aires
Urban House set in Spanish Colonial style in Buenos Aires
Neoclassical: in the 19th century it reached great popularity neoclassicism and Academism in public buildings and residences.
Mansion of neoclassical architectural - White House - United States
Casa Blanca North facade, neoclassical
Art Nouveau: is also identified as Art Nouveau, for example in Spain. It started at the end of the 19th century. It is related to the 2nd. Industrial Revolution and the break with the classic.
House style Art Nouveau in Brussels, B {technique - Maison Cauchie 1905}
Detail of facade of House Art Nouveau in Brussels - Maison Cauchie 1905
Art Deco: style of the 1920s who achieved recognition until the 1940s, and today is restored by the recognition to its aesthetic value. It is an architectural expression for modernism.
Mansion style Art Decó in Holmby Hills, Los Angeles, California
Art Deco in United States - style mansion
Rationalism: style back to 1st. World war resulting in the modern style.
Residential house style rationalist in Madrid, Spain
Residence of rationalism in Madrid
Modern: style architectural starts up at the end of the twenties of the 20th century, also known as rationalist style or style international, existing despite the evolution of other styles. In the design of houses, modern architecture changed substantially the appearance and the way to deriving in style.
Modern House in Finland - Villa Mairea 1937- 1939
Modern House - Villa Mairea, Noormarkkv, Finland, 1937 - 1939
Contemporary: it is the most current of modern design, evolution of the modern style.
House style contemporary in Spain
House of contemporary style in the metropolitan area of Barcelona
Postmodern: revaluation of aspects of previous styles as a response to the modern, the term style can be written as postmodern or postmodern.
Residence style postmodern in United States 1971
Residence style postmodern in United States - Alexander House 1971
Minimalist: dominates the structure of a functional design, there is no ornamentation, the House is made with the essentials, without decorations.
Residential house style minimalist in Surrey, United Kingdom
Casa Minimalista in Surrey, United Kingdom
Picturesque: it is a style created in the 19th century in Europe that is characterised by the assessment of traditional and vernacular architecture.
Chalet picturesqueness in Río Ceballos, Córdoba, Argentina
Family residential villa of the picturesque
Avant-garde: examples of architectural advances, avant-garde expressions.
Abode of architecture in Mexico
House Arango design and avant-garde style
Deconstructivism: fragmentation and dislocation of architectural structures.
House Gehry in Santa Mónica, California, night view
House Gehry in Santa Monica
Traditional styles: based on the cultures of peoples, express traditions with architectural design, materials, finishes and decoration.
Area of a house style Santa Fe in United States
A section of a house style Santa Fe in United States
House-chalet: style derived from the design of the "Swiss cottages" which achieved success, becoming a classic.
House Villa in Switzerland
A true Swiss chalet with mountain frame
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