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Home Design Bedrooms with Bathroom - Thanks to a simple and well planned reform got put room between two bedrooms, so they are connected but they are at the same time independent.

In blue, green and white

Two colors very vitalistic and stimulants, appropriate for a girl: pistachio nut on the side of the bed and blue for the study. The white in the rest to visually smooth. All the furniture is Nuar interior design.

Instead of a lamp on the bedside table, he opted for an applique, current style, in the area of the bed. Retail stores Ideas light.

Children's bedrooms with bathroom


Given the floor of this room, the area of studied was located where the window, and the rest, on the other side, front door and Cabinet.

What idea!
The sliding door of the bathroom was painted in azure blue, like wall, thus integrating it in the study area.

Children's bedrooms with bathroom

Large storage capacity

The space is exploited to the maximum with modules of drawers and doors, adapted to any corner, even under the bed.

Children's bedrooms with bathroom

Drawers under the bed. Space is priority.

Children's bedrooms with bathroom

Orange and white

This room is painted in white to give spaciousness and luminosity, and to differentiate the study, that area of painted in
Orange, a cheerful and warm color. All the furniture is Nuar interior design.

What idea!
To illuminate the study table, narrow and long, it has opted to put an adjustable Wall lamp and one table. Both Ideas in light.

Children's bedrooms with bathroom

Study area

Located under the window, it has a table, chest of drawers and a library of BM in Nuar interior design.

Children's bedrooms with bathroom

Junction point

Bathroom, painted in green, has two gates
sliding to the isolated or communicate with the bedrooms.

Children's bedrooms with bathroom

A detail of the headboard with a cajonera-mesilla.

Children's bedrooms with bathroom

The owners of this House wanted to update the bedrooms of his two daughters, as well as a change in its distribution and that have a common bathroom.
So they contacted a study of decoration, and these were the keys:
• Communicated distribution. New bathroom between two bedrooms was created and expanded a little to get a shower.
• Colours to differentiate. On a base of white, which visually extends the spaces, he played with four bright and refreshing colors: Orange for one bedroom; in the bathroom, and on the other, sky blue and green pistachio lime green.
The problem
The two bedrooms of girls were separated and bathroom was away and was small to share.

The solution
You opted to install a new bathroom, wider, between the two quarters, with two sliding doors on both sides to so communicate them.

Children's bedrooms with bathroom

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