Modern Office/Homeschool Classroom Design

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Modern Office/Homeschool Classroom Design - For those people who work at home or spend hours in front of the computer, the location and decor of his office is something very important. Ideally, get a very relaxing space where we are at ease, and to help us to maintain concentration. Therefore, it would be ideal to choose soft colors such as white, soft shades of green, pastel colours, mauve

In this way we can create very comfortable and relaxing environments that we can integrate into the living room, the bedroom or give them an own room, if you have enough space.

Here some models of how locate an office in the lounge...

In this small and delightful Swedish apartment well brainchild of a firm can be appreciated in the living room, which seemed interesting to us.

By way of integrating this small work space in the living room, as well as also to decorate, we used the same palette of neutral colours of the Hall, thus achieving a set with much harmony, without any clash.

Then we can observe three different environments, each with its own charm:

It is also advisable to place dining room in the area closest to the kitchen, to have greater comfort when it comes to serving the food and setting the table. It is good to locate clearance and a corner of reading next to a small window, and choose furniture in line with the rest of the decor to integrate it. If possible, distribute the salon with a L or chaise longue armchair. So over time, is enjoy both terrace and the living.

We hope that these ideas will provide some inspiration...

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