Modern Room Designs and Colors

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Passionate about this color? This duplex is a good example of their decorative qualities. With the spaces are elegant, spacious and bright.

The living area

All in white with some shades of grey that break the monotony is decorated. Lamps with the wooden floor and the carpet of grey wool provides warmth. All of Pedro Peña. The combination of curtains and curtains allow graduate light and have more or less privacy according to the needs.

Different materials

In the dining room live parts of unified various materials with white finishes. The wooden table; the chairs, upholstered with the metal structure. Dresser, lacquer and wood.

The kitchen

The furniture was white with large steel handles. The stainless steel appliances. The walls were tempered glass. An easytoclean material and that it provides a very modern air.

The bedroom

Without diminishing prominence to white, subtle details were introduced in color that encourage and brighten up the atmosphere. As the picture that is used to replace the headboard or pads. On the wall next to the bed, a niche was practiced with shelves for books and ornaments.

Bedroom with mini dressing room

To create a greater feeling of spaciousness, the dressing area was left open to the bedroom. A large mirror hanging between
cabinets increases that feeling and clarity power. The front of the Cabinet is laco in the same tone of the walls, thus fits better.


To enhance the bathroom light, the window dressed with a light porthole which, moreover, is not impaired when using the tub.

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