Tables of Chinese Altar that establish a poignant tone at home

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Antique or contemporary, altar tables add a touch of the unexpected when used as a console, sofa table, dressing table or buffet

When it comes to parts of foundations, few things are as timeless and useful as a console. Their long lines, thin and with minimum depth help in most of the rooms of small space. To add a touch of intrigue, you can consider using a Chinese altar table as a console in a post, to anchor a floating sofa and more.

These tables date back hundreds of years; the Chinese refer to them as a gong an or table Temple, and use it traditionally as a place of worship to honor ancestors and gods with daily offerings. Its elegant lines and inherent meaning give them a moving appeal, while the variety of heights and sizes available makes them versatile. We will then see how to incorporate one into your design.

The original Chinese altar tables were created by skilled craftsmen using methods of carved hand rarely seen today. Some have wings like the swooping edges and are born from a single piece of wood, without seams or visible joints. Tables that do not have raised ends are called Ming style tables.

Tips : A transparent winged top is a good, but not foolproof way to know if a picture is original.

Altar tables vary greatly in size and appearance. Some rooms have minimalist so that they may be confused with ordinary desks, while others feature ornate carvings that speak clearly of their Asian heritage. Some altar tables have straight legs, some are adorned with helmets of horses, and others are attached at the bottom with small beams.

They can be made with solid vertical panels or beads and floating panels that were originally intended to contract and expand with the humidity and temperature in the environment changes.

Contemporary altar tables can have a form and a style similar to the bigger pieces, but are usually glued or nailed together instead of well coordinated with the pins. They are less ornate, and often have a look made for "distressed" Finish. They are less expensive than their older counterparts and time and may be preferred because of its more modern profile.

Cost : Antique and vintage altar tables can vary from $400 up to a maximum of $12,000 which, according to the price of the piece that you are considering, it is possible that you want to have an opinion of your table before you buy. As with all the period furniture and antiques, there are many pieces forged on the market. To ensure that you are buying a table with correct age and origin, check dealers research online, in search of positive feedback and a solid reputation.

7 great ways to use the altar pictures

1. As side tables.
Full of history and designed by experts, the old altar tables are a special piece of decoration in which show photos, flowers, art, or important memories. The small altar tables located on each side of a sofa are an elegant and unexpected replacement for side tables.

2. As a sofa table. Use an altar behind a sofa table provides some global mystique. In a minimalist space spacious and well lit, a heavy piece of dark wood can anchor design and give another Ethereal way to a sense of history and depth to your room.

3. As for the bathroom vanity table. As the vanity, an altar table offers the maximum counter space and has an open frame below to help make the space look larger. Less dense than a style dressing, an altar table offers an organic counterpoint to tile and metal accessories. If toilet storage is important to you, but you're happy with this design, you could add shelves on the wall to store small items, such as perfumes and hyssops of cotton, in containers with lids, while you can place large baskets woven under the toilet, which could hold towels and toilet paper. A stack of boxes with hinged could be put into service to keep the toothpaste and cosmetics.

4. In an entry. Most commonly used as a table of input, an altar can set the tone of the history of design in the rest of the House, or can be combined to perfection in the general decoration. Lacquered parts, usually of color red or black, have a strong presence that can be balanced with large scale accessories, like blue and white lights that are seen here or a mirror with statement of decisions.

A stained wood altar can function as a part of independent art that becomes an entry in a special space. Here the simple design belies the inherent strength and the grace of the piece brings to your environment.

5. As a kitchen island. The length and minimized width of a kitchen style galley asks an island that is also linear. An altar table functions as a block island and provides a decent preparation. You can hold it in place with non-skid disks.

Tips : You can move the kitchen island so that it can function as a table to serve the entertainment.

6. As multimedia support. A flat wall screen may seem too as a free form, without nothing to highlight its location. A typical support of these media may seem square in smaller spaces. In minimalist and contemporary houses, a thin streamlined media joins the general unit of the room, so an altar table would be a great choice.

7. As a buffet or bar. You can be amazed by the generous amount of storage in a closet of style offering an altar for the plates, serveware and linens despite its slender profile. In the room of this image, style Cabinet makes what would have been a contemporary space into something more balanced, warm and eclectic.

Tips : A Cabinet style can also function as a makeshift bar. When you're not entertaining, bottles and cups can be stored below, while a fairly stocked tray can act as pillars in the upper part.

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