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Tunquen House is a private house designed by architects CO2.
It is located in Tunquen, Algarrobo, Valparaiso, Chile.

Tunquen House is located in an intermediate level that occurs in a terrain with a slight slope towards the northern front of the current wetland of Casablanca. The House is conceived as a horizontal block, finally converted into a forest.
Private precincts stood on Earth with the purpose of leveling all over the depth of the natural landscape and he is accessible by a gallery surrounded by a section of native vegetation.
This Gallery link in the entire House and its different levels, while the continuous sky at the same level for the interior of the space, and the area to receive and trap the vertical elements of the jungle.

The public sector opens to the landscape through large glass panels, while the change of the structure of the solid walls of pine stand, with columns of 20 cm (8,87 inches) in diameter, whose green impregnation is accented with the purpose of generating a visual continuity with the foreign forest. This is reinforced with two large windows in the corner of the living room and the terrace which can be hidden by sliding to one side, creating a continuous view and the idea of "taking inside from outside," both in the space of forms and experience.

Space and the enclosure of the social areas are organized in a way that is intended to welcome the event of the meetings of the family and rests on a sequence of different conditions: winter / summer, inside / outside, day / night, between leisure, eating and cooking, this is the celebration of the events themselves.

The terrace is supported by columns that hung canvases, creating the feeling of being on the cover of a man-of-war.

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