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Home Design Ideas and Inspiration with Colorfull for Your Living Room - Need a little inspiration for your living room? Here are ideas colorful for the design of your living room, we have hundreds of elegant images of rooms to inspire you. Remember that you can get a beautiful decoration, even though it is a small living room. A feature are simple walls, new lighting, or even a change in carpets, can completely transform your space. So it's time to inspire and immerse yourself in all our design ideas living rooms shown below. Your perfect living room could be just an image of distance...

If you're planning an interior around a collection, you can consider the architecture of the House in the first place. Often, this will dictate certain parts that will give a better scheme to your decoration.

The designer in this case, felt that it was important to retain a certain formality, since it would have a decorative scheme based in the 19th century, but its appearance of Museum. The solution was on the carpet - a striking and provocative bright yellow Tabriz, which sets the tone for some reasons, to desist from the ceramic.

Here are described handmade details and fabrics, to achieve a sophisticated and very personal look that was designed to not last.

Apart from Louis XVI sofa in turquoise silk, have been designed all the furniture in the living room, and painted the walls in a geometric design at random in earth tones to make the work of the beige carpet, and to inject a bit of life, emotion and verticality in space"- -" and the imitation of mosaic, coffee-table by itself.

This scheme created in Stockholm, combines some serious pieces of modern design with a lightness of touch which means the room, which still feels comfortable and cozy. Delicate appliques are combined with Soane 'Crillon' Chair. While an image of the British artist Bridget Riley sits on the wall.

This collection of wallpapers has enough new beginnings - literally - as he was inspired by the houses of the same name by the Swedish novel the Mansions around the Lake, where is the Head Office of the company. ' This is our interpretation of this part of the history of Sweden - of the 21st century ", explains design director Sissa Sundling. In the same way, we could see this fitting in a modern or traditional setting of paper.

A work of art by Jean-Marc Bustamante, titled the lion, makes a statement in the living room of this House decorated by Todhunter Earle.

This design is a lesson in simplicity with warmth and style. The use of a breed of pure white makes any splash of color to look like a work of art.


This living room has been decorated in a style that jokingly refers to as 'urban safari chic'.

He has worked hard to achieve the visual unity in this small space, by replacing pavements do not coincide with joints of engineering, and collecting fabrics with prints large scale and soft tones. Less is more when it's color, and thus the walls give a sophisticated evening atmosphere.

Above the door frame have been used mirrors to reflect light and create an illusion of space and an increase in the height of the ceiling. An L-shaped sofa is upholstered in linen. There is an ancient bronze table and made with a discontinued fabric curtains.

This new construction, cleverly designed by the architects Michaelis Boyd, with interiors by Sarah Delaney, is hidden behind a gate in West London. White walls and oak floors provide a simple and elegant environment for an unusual mix of mid-century furniture and a collection of Victorian art.

 ART ATTACKThis blank canvas for a collection of vibrant art, with walls painted in bright white, is a great "go-to" of color. It is a glamorous super scheme. The lounge is spacious with a dome-shaped roof, so play with colors was an easy choice. Be reused a couple of sofas style Louis, reupholstered in delicious watermelon pink velvet. This was the starting point of the scheme. The yellow seemed an obvious choice, coming as a roadmap to the rose.

Interior design used to decorate this French apartment, was carried out with parts suitable for the living room. Its Sunburst is mixed with gold and touches in intense colors, and punctuates the space of life through the introduction of patterns, which also act as a stylish barrier between the two rooms.

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