Home Decor Ideas : Private Residence Remodeled With Oriental Style

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Private Residence Remodeled With Oriental Style - This residence private style, named: The Family Playground, was remodeled by House Design, and is located in the city of Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

In this residence, to meet the hobbit's traditional cuisine, the concept that moves the kitchen and the dining room from the center of the life zone, has been redefined as a host-kitchen, which is public, locked, dark, and has no view. We integrate room, dining room and kitchen in an area, and this area has become the center of affective communication in the family. For example, one of the members of the family can watch TV and the kitchen of another Member in the meantime. Therefore, the members of the family in different spaces, not only can feel and talk to each other, but also share the smell of food, the Sun, and the view.

In this case, the method of wall design highlights penetration and function. For example, we have transformed the pipes split screen which has interesting visual effects, but that they differ from the display internal that normally is done to Fung-shui and storage, made tube screen structure is used as a Chair for the use of shoes or clothes hang, and it also created an environment that is lived, and that changes as time passes. The most important is that the screen increases the interaction of different areas. On the other hand, the same method of design is used in the Hall. We use the showcase and exhibition lighting to make the Hall look as a gallery instead of a common hallway. Echoing the concept of kitchen, visual insight, of course, increases the interaction of members of the family.

In the rooms we have used the concept of wooden house, which turned disadvantage of space and the key to that room looked elegant and exclusive.

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